my services

Private individual counselling for adults and children at my residential practice

• Motion exercises with groups of children in kindergarten and school to enhance learning capabilities

• Combined offers for individual pupils in collaboration with parents and schools

    Observation in the classroom

    Testing at school

    Helpful evaluations for the teachers

    Private counselling and balancing
    for the children and guidance for the parents

• Modern learning techniques for students (e.g. mind-mapping, superlearning etc.)

• Lectures and seminars for parents

• Conferences with teachers

• Workshops for teachers including:

    Optimized learning through the integration of both brain hemispheres

    Brain-Gym exercises in the classroom

• Counselling and advise for teachers in teaching methods – especially for new teachers

• Public lectures, courses and seminars

Transformational Kinesiology



• Colour Reading


Chakra Balance Massage

AURA-SOMAis about holistic healing. It is about healing of the body, mind and spirit, not just one aspect. It is a non-intrusive soul therapy – non-intusive because for the first time in a therapeutic system it is the client that chooses the remedy for themselves. Balance provides an opportunity to say who we are, not what we have got. It is not symptom-related but allows the superconscious to address the underlying causes of disease. Through the language of colour, the soul is able to recognise the deeper patterns of the life.

Colour, supported by the energies of plants and crystals, may be applied to the body and the subtle fields to restore revitalise and rebalance ourselves at all levels.

As with everything else in AURA-SOMA, even the name carries a message:

AURA means light
SOMA means the body (Greek), or the being (Aramaic, or living energies (Sanskrit).

AURA-SOMA connects the light to the body, it speaks of the being of light within and of the living energies of light that surrounds us.

Colour is part of the underlying order of the universe. Colour is a universal language. The superconscious aspect of ourselves perceives colour and light.

Colour is the key to understanding ourselves at the deepest levels.
Colour is energy. At the scientific level it is understood in the context of the electro-mangentic spectrum, which extends from the longest wavelegths of electricity and radio waves to the shortest of gamma and cosmic rays. Light, the field in which the rainbow of colour appears, is the visible portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

From the scientific perspective, the order in which the colours appear says something of their different natures.

AURA-SOMA focuses on the spiritual evolution of the individual and the relationship between energy and consciousness.
The AUR-SOMA range of products may be helpful in assisting consumers to attune to and make shifts in energy and consciousness.

AURA-SOMA does not make any therapeutic claims or representations for its range of products. Where necessary , always consult a qualified health care practitioner.

For a Colour Reading or special AUR-SOMA advices ask for an appointment, please.