What’s it all about?

As parents, have you ever been completely baffled, desperate or resigned to give up when helping your child with his/her homework and felt totally incompetent?

As a teacher, haven’t you often wondered why it is the apparently gifted student who suddenly appears to be especially “dense” in certain situations?

Have you noticed how much of your energy is expended on the pressures of scheduling or mad rushing around and other stress?

Have you felt that certain experiences “get you down” and you become exhausted, unmotivated and dispirited, so that your self-esteem melts away?

Have you ever experienced how hard it is to free yourself from living conditions which upset you, or to alter rigid behaviour patterns in order to effect changes and facilitate development?

But have you experienced the enhancement of energy, initiative, creativity and competence combined with cheerfulness and joy which comes with acceptance, positive feedback or the discovery of new abilities?

Each individual is called upon to develop
their talents, broaden their competencies and find their identity.

It’s all about stress-free learning which then becomes a pleasure again. Learning councelling will help you regain the pleasure in learning.